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Aircraft, Engine, Apu Maintenance Solution


We -as TSC Aero- are pleased to inform you that we have recently formed a new team to serve our customers in the event they require any support or assistance. The team is highly experienced on various different Aircraft and Engine Types and parts supply.


All team members are dedicated aviation professionals and will be at your disposal to provide you with any services / tailored services you might require.


Our newly-established team will predominantly offer the services listed below :


  1. Engine and APU Lease and Sale

  2. Aircraft, Engine and APU Part/Component/LLP Procurement.

  3. Aircraft, Engine and APU Delivery and Re-delivery Checks

  4. Aircraft, Engine and APU Airworthiness Review

  5. Engine and APU Condition and Performance Monitoring

  6. Aircraft, Engine and APU On-Site / Off-Site Representation for Maintenance Checks

  7. Engine and APU Shop Visit Planning and Staggering

  8. Engine and APU Shop Visit Workscope Preparation

  9. Engine and APU Shop Visit Cost Optimization

  10. Aircraft, Engine and APU Parts Management and End of Life Solutions

  11. Engine and APU Shop Visit Contract Management and Shop Visit Invoice Review

  12. Engine and APU Pricing and Value Assessment

  13. Part/Component Procurement for all types of A/Cs


Should you require any further information or should you have any inquiries,please contact us.

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