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Type Training

         TSCAERO provides various type training courses across the world. All courses are tutored by highly qualified instructors with years of worldwide experience in the aviation industry.

         We offer effective training solutions using various and modern training methods including classroom teaching, Web Based Training (WBT), Computer Based Training(CBT) as well as practical courses with hands-on training and direct access to aircraft, components and engines.

         We guarantee that our excellently designed theoretical and practical training courses are follows the latest EASA requirements which lead to the world of aviation professionals. Our objectives are to equip you with specific skills with not only using written documents but also transferring years of experiences from our trainers.

         Our goal is to find most suitable training for you and gather people from all around the world with same needs to reduce costs. Depending on their training history, attendants could choose full or difference type training. Also missing engine type could be added to your existing training.

         If it is your first type training, please also check our SOJT page to find out more about our solutions. We also show extreme attention to your on-the-job training progress. With base and line maintenance options, we make  arrangements for ideal and rapid completion of your SOJT while you gain your experience.

         We provide type training (theoretical and practical) for the following types of aircrafts and engines:


Aircraft Types We Teach

  • Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM56/ IAE V2500)

  • Airbus A320/A321 (LEAP/PW1000G)

  • Airbus A350 (RR Trent XMW)

  • Boeing 737-7/8/9 (CFM LEAP-1B)

  • Boeing 777-200/200/300 (GE 90)

  • Boeing 777-200/300 (RR Trent 800)

  • Boeing 737-600/700/800/900 (CFM56) to Boeing 737-7/8/9 (CFM LEAP-1B) Differences

  • Boeing 777-200/300 (GE 90 or RR Trent 800 to PW 4000) Differences

  • Boeing 777-200/300 (RR Trent 800 to GE 90 Differences)

  • Boeing 777-200/300 (GE 90 to RR Trent 800) Differences

  • Boeing 737 - 600/700/800/900 (CFM56)

  • Boeing 737-7/8/9 (CFM LEAP-1B)

  • Boeing B747-400 Ge CF6/ RR RB211 / PW 4000

  • Boeing B747-8 GE GEnx

  • Boeing 787 - 8/9/10 (GEnx)

  • Boeing 787 - 8/9/10 (RR Trent 1000)

  • Boeing 787 - 8/9/10 (GEnx to RR Trent 1000) Differences

  • Boeing 787 - 8/9/10 (RR Trent 1000 to GEnx) Differences

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