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Structured OJT(SOJT)



  • Passed all EASA part 66 modules,

  • Required work experience logbook for the application with the form 19 for basic licence,

  • Attended airplane type training from EASA part 147 school,

  • Practical Element from the EASA part 147 school



A320 (cfm&v2500) and B737 classic and NG Structured On The Job Training (SOJT)


            Our approval  for  A320 (cfm&v2500) and B737 classic and NG sojt provides the practical hands on expertise in the aircraft’s electrical systems, airframe systems, powerplant and avionics systems that are required under EASA Part 145 approval. Completion of the SOJT enables B1/B2 licence holders to perform qualified maintenance checks on the aircraft type concerned with his specific A320 or B737 classic and NG type.




            To give the student an in-depth hands on of the A320 or B737ng Airframe/ Power plant/Electrical Systems and Avionics Systems. At completion of the course the student will have sufficient knowledge to perform the duties of an B1/B2 certifying engineer and to apply for Appropriate company approvals.

            After completing the A320(cfm&v2500) or B737NG B1/B2 maintenance course, the participant will be able to:

  • Recall the safety precautions.

  • Provide detailed descriptions of systems, structures and powerplant and their inter relationships.

  • Use and interpret the relevant documentation, including the SRM and the TSM.

  • Identify special tooling and test equipment.

  • Identify the locations of principal components.

  • Collate information from various sources for troubleshooting purposes.

  • Describe and perform servicing procedures.

  • Describe typical functional checks per AMM.

  • Describe the removal and installation procedures unique to the aircraft type.

           The sojt is intended for EASA Part 66 Category B1/B2 maintenance engineering/technicians.

            The sojt is intended for EASA Part 147 approved A320  series or B737NG theoretical and practical element courses completed Category B1/B2 maintenance engineering/technicians.



  1. A320 V2500

  2. A320 CFM56

  3. B737NG CFM56

  4. B737 classic cfm56

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